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Why Do We Get Acne?

Oil is produced by sebaceous glands. Instead of reaching the surface of the skin, it can become trapped in skin pores. The pore may close off and create a whitehead of bacteria or, if the pore stays open, the top surface becomes dark, resulting in a blackhead. Pimples are formed when the bacteria leaks into the surrounding tissue.

This process can be a combination of factors, the most prevalent being genetics, hormones, and nutrition.

How Do We Get Rid of Acne?

There is no one solution for acne, as many products would have you believe. Topical treatments are often slow and can be irritating. Any oral therapies (antibiotics) may increase bacterial resistance or may even have adverse side effects.

Here at Vina, we offer Photodynamic (Light) Therapy for acne. When acne bacteria are exposed to ultraviolet-free blue light, the bacteria is destroyed naturally. This therapy has a strong effect on decreasing inflammatory acne and the clearance is about 80% for extended periods of time.

How Do I Get Light Therapy?

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We take a combination approach to acne using all available technologies and research. Depending on your skin, we combine LED Light treatments with:


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