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Why Choose Organic Skincare Over Drugstore Products?

Our skin must constantly fight factors detrimental to the natural process of cell turnover. With over-the-counter cosmetics, our skin must now balance the long list of ingredients from what we put on our skin with factors not in our control – age, sun, and physical and mental stress. When skin is overwhelmed, it is unable to complete cell turnover causing skin to sag, lose elasticity, clog pores, cause acne, and scar.

Ingredients in organic skincare products are fewer in number and are of a higher quality, purer, and recognizable.

How Does Organic Skincare Help?

Using an organic skincare line helps keep skin, clean, moisturized, and balanced. Sometimes that is all your skin needs to get back on the right track!

There are some cases where the skin cannot achieve cell turnover with products alone if the damage is already too great. In such cases, discuss with Dr. Bulusu what other options are available and what solutions will achieve the desired results.

Once the skin has been renewed, organic skincare combined with a balance of rest, exercise, and good health habits will keep it on the right track.

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